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GTA – Vice City is amazing game

Friday, November 7, 2008

GTA – Vice City Game

GTA – Vice City is amazing game with a nonlinear game play in which player has to complete different mission to proceed in game. This makes it an excellent game as different missions has completely different challenges, which needs different skills. Playing a game like this is a great experience for any game lover. GTA Vice City is far more technically strong than its prequels. New weapons,
1 new vehicles and better vehicle damaging modeling are excellent which makes this game a good experience. Story of game is complex and more entertaining than GTA 3 and its all prequels. For soundtrack there are 9 different radio channels that play while players drives on the road. There is also an option in which player can play soundtrack of their choice by simply copying songs in file of game setup.

Saving style of the game is little frustrating in which player has to return to some specific save points. Also this is possible only after completing the whole mission. There are some missions that are longer than others and if you fail at any point in those missions you have to play it all over again. GTA – Vice City also got some negative reviews for being too violent and sexually explicit.

GTA – Vice City got great appreciation from game critics and game lovers. Till September 25, 2007 it was became the third best selling video game of all time with over 15 million copies sold worldwide. It is the sixth highest rated game if PlayStation 2. It also got many awards such as Best Adventure game of PlayStation, Game of the year award etc from various game magazines and websites.



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